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What We Do

Our company has experience in delivering Big Data Technologies with innovation, automation for efficiency & cost savings.


Data Wildcat provided Hadoop solutions for key companies in financial & telecommunications industries.


Delivering Big
Data solutions


Professional Management
for optimal efficiency


Support of Platform
& Configuration


Platform Optimization
for customers needs


We strive to bring the best service for our clients as consulting in all stages of solutions enforcement, preparation of the architecture based on explicit business case requirements with end goal results as a priority.

Execute and put into practice all fazes of big data solution with received business acceptance with end to end support.

For increased performance and cost savings we also provide automation and cluster configuration optimization, bringing true value from the usage of Hadoop clusters to the customers with the implementation of out of the box & custom data science tools.


Lightning fast search on unified platform with Cloudera Manager accessing data was never so quick and simple. High availability & government grade security with real-time


Quickly scale up and down without over-provisioning or over-spending using industry standard hardware and cloud solutions. Adapts as data changes and as any new data format


Making special needs automated, repetitive tasks done in seconds. Platform configuration tailored to customers needs, bringing optimum value & time savings to the table


We work with Apache Hadoop, the key platform for Big Data. Using additional features provided by Cloudera & Hortonworks.

Implementing additional solutions for support and administration for securing continuous availability of Hadoop clusters & data.

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